CATMA: A Complete Arabidopsis transcriptome Microarray

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GST Database

Welcome to the CATMA GST database website. Through this site you will be able to access information about the Arabidopsis GSTs designed and produced by the CATMA consortium. The database contains information about the GST probes, the PCR primers used for their amplification and the genes to which they hybridize, together with other information such as details of the groups involved and quality control results. Access the database here.

There are currently 30,886 GST entries in the CATMA database, designed in 4 different design phases. The penultimate design round in 2005 produced 5,760 new entries, aligning the resource with the TIGR5 genome annotation and with an internally produced Eugène annotation (Eugene040917). The last design round in 2006 aligned the repository with the TAIR6 gene annotation and produced 543 new GSTs. In addition 990 GFTs were designed tagging multiple gene family members simultaneously, information of which can be found in the CATMA Gene Family Tag database. More details of the two last design rounds can be found in Sclep, G. et al. 2007 .

Please check the help page before using the database for the first time. It contains explanations of the various ways in which the database can be searched, as well as descriptions of all the data which is available.


Information about citing the CATMA GST database and its repository can be found here.